Our Services

Training & Development

The IT sector continues to grow every day. To keep up with the competition, we assist with the training and development of individual talent and competencies to optimize your team’s productivity.

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IT StaffAugmentation

With our in-depth knowledge of your organization and its requirements, we provide you with professionals with the expertise and experience that you require for your team or project.

HR Outsourcing & Consulting

Our HR outsourcing services are more than managing the HR function —It puts incredible power through graphical analytical tools at your fingertips- it’s a must for a business that wants to focus on growth.. It makes even complex HR functions simple.

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Our Career Counselling (Career Guidance) through counselling and Aptitude Testing facilitates the understanding of your career aspirations in line with your competence and skills. We offer our services to Students in search of their dream career or professionals with an idea of career progression.

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Executive Search

With an enviable track record in the Indian & South East sub-continents for close to two years, we are building leadership teams for corporate clients. And, “HriZen’ approach to recruitment Solution is to create, modify, enhance, and protect the business of its customers through creating well researched and robust solutions in key niche areas based on the most modern methodologies.

The combination of domain knowledge, our passionate and innovative approach to technologies, and the experience in software enhance HriZen capabilities to effectively manage perceptions of its customers.