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Tell me and I forgot, teach me and I may remember, Involve me and I learn

-Benjamin Franklin

HR Trainings / Recruiter & Hiring Manager


Since 2017, we’ve helped hundreds of recruiters, hiring managers, interviewers & HR Managers improve their recruitment & HR capabilities through real-world, practical, custom-built trainings.
Are your recruiting managers building the right recruiting strategies and leading their team of recruiters effectively?
How to best attract and connect with passive and active candidates online over the phone and through social media?
How do interviewers and hiring managers gather the right facts in the interview process to select and hire the best people?
Is you team of recruiters and HR generalists leveraging best practices to source, assess, and close their candidate


How do we build and get buy-in for the sourcing and recruiting plan to get the hires we need?
What are hiring managers really asking for when they want us to be more strategic?
Recruiting Strategy Training
You have to prove you can fill requirements before you get to work on strategy. Recruiters who have hiring managers expecting more need to know how to build and get buy-in for strategies at the requirement and department/function level. This workshop-part of our Recruiting Labs series- teaches your recruiters how to gather business context and talent needs to build and communicate effective recruiting strategies.
It’s not focused on tactics- like how to source passive candidates or how to leverage social media; instead, it’s focused on how to develop real-world, quality strategies at the requisition and department/function level. This workshop is a strategy-only focused piece of our 2-da Talent Advisor workshop.


How do we find, engage, and recruit top passive talent that’s not on job boards or LinkedIn?
How do we push back on unrealistic hiring manager requests?
What tools exist to help me get more sourcing work done in my busy day?


How can we get everyone on the same page around our hiring criteria and interviewing process?
How can we go beyond behavioral interviewing basics to predict whether candidates will succeed here, in our unique culture?
What tools can we leverage to better interview candidates?


How do we pre-close candidates and negotiate the right offer for our compensation philosophy?
How do we uncover and speak to non-money motivators?
How do we engage in hiring teams in the selling process?

Technical Trainings

Our short term Technology courses helps you to keep abreast of the latest changes in the technology and helps you to prepare well for your interviews. Technology can help facilitate career development conversations between managers and employees in a number of ways, including support for regular discussions between staff and supervisors across the career management process. Build talent pools that help identify the right roles for employees using the latest technology.

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